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  • Bulbul, Y; Ozlu, T; Arinc, S; Akinci Ozyurek, B; Gunbatar, H; Senturk, A; Bahadir, A; Ozcelik, M; Yilmaz, U; Akbay, MO; Saglam, L; Kilic, T; Kirkil, G; Ozcelik, N; Alizoroglu, D; Argun Baris, S; Yavsan, DM; Sen, HS; Berk, S; Acat, M; Cakmak, G; Yumuk, PF; Intepe, YS; Toru, U; Oktem Ayik, S; Basyigit, I; Ozkurt, S; Mutlu, LC; Yasar, Z; Esme, H; Erol, MM; Oruc, O; Erdogan, Y; Asker, S; Ulas, A; Erol, S; Kerget, B; Erbay, AE; Teke, T; BesIroglu, M; Can, H; Dali,H; Talay, F (2018)
    Introduction: Sleep quality is known to be associated with the distressing symptoms of cancer. The purpose of this study was to analyze the impact of cancer symptoms on insomnia and the prevalence of sleep-related problems ...
  • Bodur, H; Yurdakul, FG; Ataman, S; Garip, Y; Nas, K; Ayhan, FF; Akgul, O; Akinci, A; Altay, Z; Birtane, M; Soy Bugdayci, D; Capkin, E; Cevik, R; Duruoz, T; Gurer, G; Kacar, C; Kamanli, A; Kaptanoglu, E; Kaya, T; Kocabas, H; Kuru, O; Melikoglu, MA; Ozdemirel, E; Ozel, S; Rezvani, A; Sezer, I; Sunar, I; Yilmaz, G (2018)
    Objectives: This study aims to update 2011 Turkish League Against Rheumatism SpondyloArthritis Recommendations, and to compose a national expert opinion on management of axial spondyloarthritis under guidance of current ...
  • Efe, C; Tascilar, K; Henriksson, I; Lytvyak, E; Alalkim, F; Trivedi, H; Eren, F; Eliasson, J; Beretta-Piccoli, BT; Fischer, J; Caliskan, AR; Chayanupatkul, M; Coppo, C; Ytting, H; Purnak, T; Muratori, L; Werner, M; Muratori, P; Rorsman, F; Onnerhag, K; Gunsar, F; Nilsson, E; Heurgue-Berlot, A; Guzelbulut, F; Demir, N; Gonen, C; Semela, D; Aladag, M; Kiyici, M; Schiano, T; Montano-Loza, A; Berg, T; Ozaslan, E; Yoshida, E; Bonder, A; Marschall, HU; Wahlin, S (2019)
    INTRODUCTION: Risk stratification based on biochemical variables is a useful tool for monitoring ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA)-treated patients with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC). Several UDCA response criteria and scoring ...
  • Gulhan, SE; Kilicgun, A; Samancilar, O; Altinok, T; Kutluk, AC; Baysungur, VS; Celik, MR; Akin, H (2019)
    OBJECTIVES: Turkey remains among the countries where hydatid disease is endemic. In this study, it was aimed to determine the number of operations performed for the treatment of pulmonary hydatid disease in Turkey during ...
  • Guan, X; Liu, Z; Longo, A; Cai, JC; Tzu-Liang, W; Chen, LC; Chen, HK; Pereira, JMD; Efetov, S; Escalante, R; He, QS; Hu, JH; Kayaalp, C; Kim, SH; Khan, JS; Kuo, LJ; Nishimura, A; Nogueira, F; Okuda, J; Saklani, A; Shafik, AA; Shen, MY; Son, JT; Song, JM; Sun, DH; Uehara, K; Wang, GY; Wei, Y; Xiong, ZG; Yao, HL; Yu, G; Yu, SJ; Zhou, HT; Lee, SH; Tsarkov, PV; Fu, CG; Wang, XS (2019)
    In recent years, natural orifice specimen extraction surgery (NOSES) in the treatment of colorectal cancer has attracted widespread attention. The potential benefits of NOSES including reduction in postoperative pain and ...

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