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  • Senol, D; Ucar, C; Cay, M; Ozbag, D; Canbolat, M; Yildiz, S (2019)
    Objectives: The aim of this study is to analyze the effect of stress-induced cortisol increase on the sense of ankle proprioception.
  • Aydogdu, S; Guler, K; Bayram, F; Altun, B; Derici, U; Abaci, A; Tukek, T; Sabuncu, T; Arici, M; Erdem, Y; Ozin, B; Sahin, I; Erturk, S; Bitigen, A; Tokgozoglu, L (2019)
    The Turkish Hypertension Consensus Report was prepared for the first time in 2015 to adapt the European and American international guidelines to our clinical practice and to create a practical report that could be a basic ...
  • Yetkin, O; Aydogan, D (2018)
    Objective: Consequences of OSAS include excessive daytime sleepiness, divided sleep architecture, impaired neurocognitive performance, and significant psychosocial disruption. In this study we aimed to evaluate sleep ...
  • Karagul, S; Kayaalp, C; Sumer, F; Yagci, MA (2018)
    While the 'best pancreatic anastomosis technique' debate is going during Whipple procedure, the laparoscopic pancreaticoduodenectomy lately began to appear more and more often in the medical literature. All the popular ...
  • Karaca, A; Yilmaz, S; Kaya, E; Altun, S (2021)
    Oxidative damage caused by aflatoxin (AF) in rat liver tissue and the inhibition effect of lycopene against this injury was investigated. Groups were formed as; control group (not treated), lycopene group (5 mg/kg/day, ...

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